An X-ray image released Thursday showed the miracle recovery made by a British man whose skull was smashed to pieces in a hammer attack, The Sun reported.

David Barry, 41, was assaulted by 30 men outside a bar in East London on New Year's Eve.

The X-ray illustrated the extent of his injuries, which included a snapped palate, shattered eye socket, smashed cheekbone and six breaks to his jaw.

The damage was so severe that Barry's surgeon branded it the "worst facial injuries on someone who was not dead" he ever treated.

Doctors worked for more than four hours fixing titanium plates to his cheekbone with 25 nuts and bolts to rebuild the right side of his face.

But amazingly, just two months after the assault, Barry showed no outward signs of his horrific ordeal.

"My face was in pieces, doctors said it was a miracle I survived," he said.

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