Man Held Neighbor as Sex Slave for 16 Days, Jury Says

A man accused of kidnapping his neighbor and holding her captive as sex slave for more than two weeks was found guilty Friday of all but one charge against him.

A jury found Randall Fisher, 45, of Sturgeon Bay, guilty of kidnapping, false imprisonment, possession of an illegal electronic weapon, obstruction and one count of sexual assault. He was acquitted of a second sexual assault charge.

Prosecutors said Fisher and his wife, Sharon, used a knife and electric stun gun to take a neighbor, then 22, captive on May 26, 2004, and held her in their basement for much of the next 16 days.

Randall Fisher allegedly raped the woman daily, and Sharon Fisher was sometimes involved as well. The woman escaped when the Fishers left her alone, authorities said.

Sharon Fisher was sentenced to eight years in prison last year for her role in the case. Randall Fisher had been judged in February 2005 to be incompetent for trial and spent a month at a mental health hospital.

Randall Fisher faces a maximum sentence of more than 112 years in prison and a $130,000 fine. No sentencing date has been set.

The trial was held in Door County Circuit Court but the jury was selected in Columbia County. Judge D. Todd Ehlers said the move was necessary because pretrial publicity made it difficult to select a jury among Door County residents.