Man Gets Life in Prison for Killing 6 People Over Xbox Dispute

A man convicted in the slayings of six people in a dispute over a video game system was sentenced Monday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Robert Anthony Cannon, 20, was among four men convicted of breaking into a house wielding baseball bats early on Aug. 6, 2004, in Deltona.

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Cannon pleaded guilty to first-degree murder last year after prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty. He later refused to testify at the trial of his co-defendants and said he wanted to withdraw his plea, but a judge rejected that request Monday.

Three other men were convicted of first-degree murder last month: Troy Victorino, 29, Jerone Hunter, 20, and Michael Salas, 20.

Salas was sentenced Aug. 1 to seven life terms. Victorino and Hunter are awaiting formal sentencing after a jury recommended death for both men.

Victorino was accused of organizing the attack because a girl who lived at the house had an Xbox video game system and other belongings from a house he was squatting in.