Man Fined for Driving 'Cruizin Cooler' Drunk

A North Country man has been fined almost $400 for driving a motorized cooler while drunk.

Leslie Marr of Whitehall pleaded guilty this week to driving while ability impaired, a non-criminal violation. Marr was arrested in May for being drunk while driving a "Cruzin Cooler," which has handlebars and a seat on top for the operator.

Marr was arrested after police saw him swerving while riding the cooler on a sidewalk. He was fined $300 and directed to pay an $80 surcharge.

He was originally charged with a misdemeanor, but that was later dropped as part of a plea deal. A judge Wednesday also suspended Marr's driver's license for 90 days, although he hasn't had a license for years. The cooler will be returned to Marr after he pays the fines.