A former contestant on the British television show “X Factor” died of cancer after doctors told him anxiety was the cause of his medical problems, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Christopher Chaffey, 19, of Coniston, near Hull in England, repeatedly visited his general practitioner over the course of 15 months and complained of excessive sweating and hair loss.

At a recent inquest, Chaffey’s mother said her son’s doctor, Joseph Austin, told him at one point to “grow up a bit and stop worrying. There’s nothing wrong.”

At the inquest, Austin insisted he never said this.

At one point, Chaffey even visited the emergency room, but doctors there told him his condition was related to anxiety.

Two days before Chaffey’s death, the teenager had developed a 4.4-pound tumor in his chest, which had an affect on his heart and lungs, according to a post-mortem exam.

The inquest has been adjourned until next week.

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