Man Accused of Stalking Sandra Bullock Slapped With Extended Stay-Away Order

A judge has extended a stay-away order against a man Sandra Bullock accuses of stalking her across several states and relentlessly sending her faxes and e-mails.

Thomas James Weldon, 37, has been under court order to stay at least 200 feet from the 41-year-old actress since 2003. Superior Court Judge Marion Johnson extended the order, due to expire June 5, until June 2009.

"I think she can feel a little bit safer now," Bullock's attorney, Edwin F. McPherson, said after Wednesday's hearing.

Neither Weldon nor Bullock, whose screen credits include roles in "Crash," "Miss Congeniality" and the upcoming "The Lake House," appeared in court.

Weldon voluntarily entered the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute in Nashville just before the 2003 order was issued. He is being considered for a 90-day furlough in September, McPherson said, adding that was one reason the actress wanted the stay-away order extended.

"We certainly don't wish him any more trouble, but we needed to protect our client," McPherson said.

Bullock has said in court papers that Weldon followed her from Michigan to Texas to California, sent her e-mails and faxes and left voice mail messages. Gesine Bullock, who works for her sister's company, Fortis Films Inc., said Weldon once called the actress seven times in two days trying to set up a date.

"I have not been informed nor received any indication that the defendant recognizes that his fixation on me is delusional and that he will not resume stalking and harassing me, members of my family and employees of Fortis Films Inc. when and if he is released," Bullock stated in a declaration requesting the extension.