Man Accused of Killing Wife, Shooting Judge Handling Divorce Case Reaches Plea Deal

A man accused of killing his wife and shooting the judge who was handling their bitter divorce reached a plea deal Monday, bringing an abrupt end to his trial.

Darren Mack, 46, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and entered an Alford plea to a charge of attempted murder.

Mack was on trial for the June 12, 2006 stabbing death of his estranged wife, Charla, at Mack's townhouse in south Reno. Authorities said after the killing, Mack drove to a downtown parking garage and shot Washoe Family Court Judge Chuck Weller through the third-floor window of the judge's chambers. The judge survived.

Under an Alford plea, a defendant acknowledges there is enough evidence for a conviction, but does not admit guilt.