So now not only are the rich going to be poorer, they're going to be uglier.

As if socking them with higher Medicare taxes and then taxing them again on their fancy-schmancy, pricey, private health plans weren't enough, this Senate health care bill aims to cash in on their conceit.

That's right: It levies a five percent tax on elective cosmetic surgery. Just call it a "bo-tax."

So for the folks who are no doubt aging fast because they're paying all these taxes, no relief in sight if they want to at least look good while they are. Because for every shot under their eyes, another tax shot in their you-know-what!

Ain't that a kick and a half.

You're trying to look good as your wallets being cleaned out good and you're hit with another good old tax for the effort.

The Senate bill estimates this elective cosmetic tax alone could raise 5 billion bucks — kind of puts new meaning in the term liposuction.

Five billion bucks: That's a lot of eye jobs and a lot of breast jobs. My only question is who's getting the snow job: The boobs paying the taxes or the boobs imposing them?

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