Make 'Em Laugh

Conventions are known for their zingers, but for my money, the best ones are the funny ones. And this convention's had some funny ones. So far, more funny ones than the Democrats. So far.

Rudy Giuliani (search) could have made a field day of John Kerry's back-and-forth position on a variety of issues. Instead, he made a joke of it... noting how the senator's "two Americas" might fit nicely with his often differing positions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) did the same, kidding how his movie "True Lies" also could have aptly described the Democrats' convention.

Humor defuses heat, but used effectively, it can end up generating heat.

John Kennedy had a field day in 1960, likening the Republicans to their famous mascot, led like elephants in a circus ring... on cue, but not much on ingenuity.

Even Bill Clinton (search) used the famous line of a so-so economy to remind his Republican tormenters, that "when you're in a ditch, the last thing you want to do is keep digging."

Ronald Reagan defused the sensitive age issue, by reminding his opponent Walter Mondale that he wouldn't hold his “youth and inexperience against him.”

Sure some of the comments are silly, even predictable. But they make people laugh and sometimes, they make people think. And for the undecided voters out there, they could make the difference.

Look how George Foreman's career took off since he dropped the scowl and picked up the smile and the grill. The rest is history.

People like "likable" people. That doesn't mean be too silly. It does mean, don't be too serious.

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