Major Bombings Blamed On Tamil Tiger Rebels in Sri Lanka

Major attacks linked to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a Tamil separatist group blamed for a suicide bombing outside the prime minister's office January 5 that killed 11 and wounded 29:

Dec. 18, 1999: President Chandrika Kumaratunga suffers eye injury, 23 people killed, more than 100 wounded by female suicide bomber who blew herself up at election rally. Simultaneous suicide bomb at opposition election rally kills 11, including Maj. Gen. Lucky Algama, a decorated officer who had led the war against the rebels before retiring.

Mar. 16, 1999: Female suicide bomber blows herself up near car carrying police officer investigating rebels, killing five.

Sept. 11, 1998: Moderate Tamil mayor of Jaffna and 12 others killed in a bomb blast in mayor's office.

July 15, 1998: Rebel kills a moderate Tamil member of Parliament, his son and three others in northern Vavuniya.

March 5, 1998: Bus bomb at busy Colombo intersection kills 43 people, wounds 257.

Feb. 6, 1998: Suicide bomber blows herself up at gates of air force headquarters in downtown Colombo, killing eight others.

Jan. 25, 1998: Days before independence celebrations at country's most important Buddhist shrine, bombers attack Kandy temple east of Colombo, killing 22.

Oct. 15, 1997: Rebel bombers attack Colombo city center, fight with security forces, killing eight and wounding 64.

July 24, 1996: Two bombs explode on rush-hour train, killing 64 and wounding more than 400.

Jan. 31, 1996: Tamil rebel suicide bomber crashes truck into Central Bank, killing 88 people, wounding 1,400 and destroying eight buildings.

Nov. 11, 1995: Suicide bombers explode two bombs outside army headquarters in Colombo, killing 12.

Oct. 20, 1995: Tamil rebels ignite oil tanks, killing 23 military officials and three rebels.

Aug. 7, 1995: Suicide bomber with explosives concealed in handcart kills 21, injures 44 at Independence Square in aborted assassination attempt against deputy defense minister in Colombo.

Oct. 24, 1994: Suicide bomber attacks campaign rally, killing 58 people, including opposition presidential candidate.

May 1, 1993: President Ranasinghe Premadasa assassinated by suicide bomber at May Day rally. Fifteen others killed.

June 21, 1991: Car bomb destroys military headquarters, killing 27, injuring more than 120.

March 2, 1991: Vehicle bomb kills state minister for defense, 18 others.