There's word on what the "material girl" and her husband-to-be will be wearing as they tie the knot in a Scottish castle today.

London jeweler Susy Lauder says Madonna is going to have on a gothic-style wedding dress.

Lauder says the singer's accessories include an antique French bracelet that's studded with 19 carats of diamonds.

Lauder says a daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, designer Stella McCartney, helped select the 72-thousand-dollar bracelet.

Meanwhile, the current love of Madonna's life will be dressed in tweed.

The Alfred Dunhill luxury goods company says Guy Ritchie will have on a green tweed jacket with matching tie and socks — and a plain white cotton shirt.

The ensemble is expected to include a Mackintosh tartan kilt — but there's speculation on whether he'll follow the Scots' tradition of wearing nothing underneath.