Madonna, Guy Ritchie, P. Diddy and Mick Jagger in The Foxlight.

They sound like an old married couple, bickering and then snickering at one another. Guy Ritchie and Mrs. Guy Ritchie -- the name she says she now prefers to Madonna -- gave a candid interview to a British reporter. In it they disagree over who thought of remaking Swept Away. And both said the love scenes were awkward. After all he was directing her with another man. And yet, even though he's 11 years younger, they sound happy. We can all breathe easier now. One big revelation. Madonna, er, Mrs. Ritchie misses driving. Can't get the hang of motoring around on the wrong side of the road in jolly old England.

Next, it's hard to think of anyone idolizing Martha Stewart's business practices these days, but she does have a fan who says he'd like to be just like her: Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. The rapper tells The New Yorker that the domestic diva's a good thing. He wants to be the urban Martha Stewart. I can't see him in a hip-hop apron though.

Finally, what's it like to pick out clothes for Mick Jagger? He's tough. And doesn't get satisfaction easily according to a new report. Among the requirements? Extra fabric under the arms of any coat so he can flail those arms, trousers not too low or too tight to avoid "crotch problems" and Nike soles ground down because the regular ones "grip too much." He's gotta slide, baby.