Madonna, ex-husband Sean Penn and Mark Hamill in the force we call The Foxlight.

With her summer tour Madonna wants her picture everywhere right? Not everywhere. A New York paper reports that chain store Condomania is going to market this week with a condom wrapped in a package featuring a photo of Madonna. The picture comes from a set of nudes she did in 1979. Madonna's lawyers tried to stop the sale of the photos but backed off when the photographer produced an agreement in which Madonna signed away the rights.

Meanwhile her ex-husband is mad at everyone. Not just photographers anymore. Sean Penn hates corporate America. He tells a Scottish paper the time is ripe for a cultural revolution to shake his home country off its couch - only most Americans have lost any stomach for a fight, he moaned. Hey Sean, don't some of those corporations fund your movies?

Finally, Mark Hamill isn't expecting any hate mail from Luke Skywalker fans over his spoof of Star Wars in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Hamill says he thinks he's safe from the "Lucas fundamentalists," as he calls them, because he doesn't take aim at Skywalker specifically. Hamill says his character is "a pompous actor who's on a Batman-like TV show." Uh-huh. A Batman show with light sabers?