Madonna, David Spade and Rob Lowe in the bright hot glare of The Foxlight.

Is there trouble in Madonna's marriage? The New York Post reports that she and Guy Ritchie had their first fight at a ritzy London restaurant. Witnesses say the Material Mom burst into tears and abruptly left - alone. Uh-oh. I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say patch it up, kids - we've got tickets to the U.S. leg of your tour Madonna and, at these prices, we don't need distractions.

David Spade pleaded guilty in an Arizona court to a misdemeanor charge of reckless operation of a Jet Ski. As part of the plea, Spade agreed to pay a $177 dollar fine. Spade and his brothers had been riding Jet Skis on a lake near Phoenix when he was cited for riding too close to this brothers. An arrest warrant had been issued for Spade because he didn't show in court the first time he was supposed to. Outside court Spade joked the court appearance "was a good excuse to wear a suit when it's 117 out."

Finally, Rob Lowe as James Bond? He won't say never. Lowe tells Access Hollywood that "every kid grows up wanting to be James Bond." But what about the English accent? Apparently, Lowe can nail it. However, Pierce Brosnan is doing another Bond movie - and it doesn't look like Lowe's holding his breath, waiting for the Bond producers to nab him. He says he hasn't checked his answering machine. Still, "maybe they've called."