Machete-Wielding Man Slices Pizzeria Manager's Hand

No one likes waiting for a pizza, but a man in San Jose, California, proved to one pizzeria that his impatience is unmatched. The unidentified man stormed into Pizza My Dear wielding a machete and complaining about the delay in delivery. Police say the man was aware that the delivery would take around 45 minutes, but called 30 minutes after placing his order to ask why his pizza hadn't arrived. Just minutes after he hung up the phone his pizza arrived, but he angrily turned the pizza and deliveryman away. Thirty minutes later he wound up at the restaurant with a machete in hand and sliced open the defenseless manager’s palm. The manager was taken to the hospital and is fine, but the machete-man’s whereabouts are unknown.

Suffering from tummy aches? A man in southeast China has your, err, cure! Sixty-six-year-old Jiang Musheng once experienced chronic abdominal pains and coughing, but remedied himself by swallowing tree frogs on the advice of an old man called Yan Dingcai. Musheng claims that after one month on a diet consisting of live frogs, his stomach pains and coughing stopped. Since then, he’s added live mice, baby rats and green frogs to his food intake.

Illegal immigrants in New Haven, Connecticut, are now eligible for the city’s recently approved “Elm City Resident Cards.” The plan, proposed by Mayor John DeStefano Jr., will allow immigrants to open bank accounts. The mayor says that they are frequent targets of robbery because thieves know they keep large amounts of cash around. The card will cost $10 for adults and $5 for children, and will allow access to city services like parks and libraries. Critics of the legislation say it will encourage illegals to crowd New Haven and its surrounding cities.

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