As you may know, the last of the original CNN anchors, Lou Dobbs, has left the network after 27 years, and there is no question that illegal immigration played a part.

The New York Times, among others, is thrilled about the Dobbs exit, editorializing:

"Mr. Dobbs' CNN program has long been a nesting ground for untruths and conspiracy theories... It's hard to pinpoint how much damage these kinds of ideas have done to the national discussion of illegal immigration, but they have been corrosive. Solutions have withered as many politicians parrot the central myth that people desperate to seek new lives in the United States are an affliction to be feared, not an opportunity to be engaged, future Americans who could enrich the country as immigrants always have and will."

The anti-immigrant label applied to Lou Dobbs did not sit well with CNN, which is dominated by liberal management. Also, Dobbs gave voice to the birthers, a fringe group that believes President Obama was not born in the USA.

But it was the immigration deal that defined Lou:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't get me wrong, it's hard to leave. But in recent years, it's become clear that the "C" in CNN is not the letter "C," but rather the Spanish word si, meaning yes, as in yes, the Mexicans are coming and they're here to stay.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, I, of course, wish only the best to my replacement John King, aka Juan King.


According to the polls, most Americans are not anti-immigration, but they are firmly against chaos and the quasi-open border system The New York Times embraces. After all, where is the fairness of amnesty for people who break the law coming here while others wait for years to legally come to the USA?

On the subject of criminal illegal aliens, "The Factor" and Lou Dobbs have been quite clear: zero tolerance. Commit a crime, serve time and then be banished forever.

But again, that deeply offends liberal America, which rarely makes value judgments about bad behavior. It's all theory to them. The struggling downtrodden deserve every break, every entitlement, even if destruction and heartbreak is the result.

CNN is not a place that embraces controversy or conservative/populist principles, and so the departure of Lou Dobbs was inevitable. It's a miracle he lasted as long as he did.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Last Friday, "The Factor" turned out to support the Safe at Home Foundation, run by L.A. Dodger manager Joe Torre and his wife. The charity helps women and children who are being abused.


JOE TORRE, SAFE AT HOME FOUNDATION: We need for them to understand that they're not alone, it's not their fault, and, you know, hopefully they can — they can find a little more peace of mind. I grew up with low self-esteem, because I just felt I had done something wrong as a youngster and caused my mom and dad to have problems.


For his fine work, Mr. Torre is a patriot.

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On the pinhead front, our pal Bruce Springsteen was playing in the Detroit area over the weekend:




Since Ohio is about 100 miles south of where The Boss was performing, his acknowledgment is a bit perplexing. It is possible The Boss is a geographical pinhead.

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