Well, I blog this week with one main story capturing the headlines and virtually all three hours of "FOX & Friends" — that of course is the Terri Schiavo (search) case: a tragedy from every perspective. What I would like to write about is what we shifted to news updates while that case was debated.

First stop Iraq, where two stories are emerging. The insurgents seem to be coming together in greater numbers seemingly to make a bigger impact, but what's happening is they are easier to kill. Shopkeepers in a Baghdad (search) neighborhood emerge from stores to kill three terrorists before they strike. One hundred plus insurgents ambush a convoy and units from the 617th National Guard blow them away in what for many, is their first true combat experience. And in the north/west section of the capital, Iraqi Special Forces wipe out an insurgent base and kill over 80 enemy fighters. Yes, the U.S. gave air cover, but the Iraqis did it and they get credit. The BBC reported that the Special Forces were former Saddam soldiers. This means that some of Iraq's best fighters now know who won the war.

Finally, I just can't help but think about our solders kicking back in Iraq, hoping to see some war reporting and thinking they are forgotten because we have pushed it back. Well, in truth we never stop thinking about the forces and are in awe of the progress and the sacrifice they make along with their families.

Now onto sports: It's still all about steroids. Last week we saw Mark McGwire (search) disgrace himself with his bizarre posture on his own steroid use. His size and his statements lead many to believe this man "juiced" for years in baseball and was a user like Jose Canseco contends. This week saw the meltdown of "Mr. Belligerent," I mean Mr. Barry Bonds. Of course the hulking slugger who was once a sleet centerfielder blames the media for his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs, his alleged angry mistress and the FBI investigation in which he was and is a witness. Now we understand he is being investigated for perjury for lying to a grand jury. And this is the media's fault? Now Barry says he may not play this year or ever and we are to blame. It's hard to imagine a more delusional statement. Just watch, I say he never plays again because baseball can't have a home run king who is an illegal drug abuser. Note also that Sosa said he never took steroids in this country and did inject himself or anyone else in this country. My question: What about in his country and what about taking 'roids orally? Please go to www.briankilmeade.com and weigh in on the poll question on Barry Bonds.

Great to have E.D. back this week and the Judge and Kiran did a great job filling in. Thanks again for those of you who continue to buy my book, "The Games Do Count," and I am truly in awe of your loyalty and the warm reviews after many of you read it. If you would like the book personalized you can go to my Web site — fill out the form and soon you'll have a book at your doorstep.

Thanks so much for keeping "FOX & Friends" number one.


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