The Los Angeles City Attorney's office doesn't get no respect.

That's what they were quietly saying Thursday after news broke that Paris Hilton had been released from jail after serving only three full days of her 45-day sentence.

The city's top prosecutor, Rocky Delgadillo has tried over the years to show he doesn't give celebrities special treatment, and now his office feels great disappointment with the sheriff's decision to release the hotel heiress and allow her to spend the rest of her sentence wearing an ankle bracelet in her mansion.

Delgadillo's office, which prosecutes misdemeanors — including scores of celebrity DUI cases — wanted Paris to serve the full 45 days. Delgadillo didn't get his way, but he was satisfied that she was ordered to spend at least 23 days in the not-so-glammer-slammer.

Now his office feels that Hilton's early release undermines his efforts to apply "equal justice."

A previous "slap in the face" for Delgadillo was the case of actress Michelle Rodriguez, who had been in trouble numerous times, including DUIs and a hit and run, but served less than a day in jail.

Another is "Blackhawk Down" star Tom Sizemore, who has walked out of court countless times despite repeated arrests for, among other things, methamphetamine abuse.

The sheriff's department makes every decision regarding incarceration, so Delgadillo will not make a public stink about this.

But sources say that he and his deputies are wondering, "What's the point of prosecuting?"