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Tuesday night seemed like a first. We had many guests in studio with me — Sen. Lindsey Graham (search), Dr. Michael Baden and Ted Williams. Of course Ted and the Senator were live in Washington, D.C. — Dr. Baden was in town to give a speech at the Smithsonian. Yes, we have guests in D.C. — but it just seems like it has been so long since we have company in studio (plus, I have been virtually "on the road" since mid-May.) Since I have been back, I feel like I am alone just talking into a camera so it was nice to have guests in the studio.

I speak to many people who have been in the Gulf States (search) in the last two-plus weeks. The list includes those who live there, volunteers and members of the media. The consistent remark is how hard everyone is working on the ground and the incredible evidence of compassion. Words cannot describe the passion and hard work of everyone there — especially our military.

Of course the compassion and hard work of those on the ground working is a different from the question of how the government (local/state/federal) responded and with what speed. Those issues will be addressed at a later date when an inquiry is done. That inquiry is important, since the only way we can get better at responding is by reviewing this response and identifying what was done well, what was done poorly and what was not done at all. This is not a blame game — this is an effort to get better. We owe it to each other to fully examine the response. We also need to make sure that those who do not have resources — the poor — or those physically disabled or elderly have a chance to get out as well. That is the right thing to do.

Here are some randomly chosen e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Below is a quote from Dan Riehl's blog by a poster named "bamababy":
"Greta has given up on Beth, her 15 minutes of fame are over but she's desperate for the spotlight as it is warm and cozy. According to Greta she divorced herself from the Twitty-Holloway corporation after she learned that Beth was negotiating licensing rights to create a line of Natalee dolls."
PLEASE tell me this is NOT true! Many on the blog have speculated why you have distanced yourself from Beth [Holloway Twitty] lately, when it appeared that you two had developed a true friendship during the early days.
Cindy Hayden

ANSWER: This e-mail gets "the prize." Where do these people get these wild thoughts? Natalee dolls? Apparently whoever posted this ridiculous item does not know about Hurricane Katrina.

E-mail No. 2

Shame on you, Greta. Over a thousand children and parents unable to find each other on the Gulf Coast and you're pandering to the rich white woman. I guess business connections run deeper then news. Keep up the good work.

E-mail No. 3

This is the first time I have ever written to any journalist. Always really liked you 'til now, you have shown your true colors. You promised Beth Twitty, you would stick with her through it all. Instead you choose to go to LA and photo dead bodies, how very sad you make my whole family. We will no longer watch you. Journalists and media is in this country are just awful. Anything for a buck, huh?
Marion L.
Pittsburgh, PA

E-mail No. 4

I was reading thru your self-serving e-mails. After I got through the first eight or so I could take no more and stopped. If it was my relative, male or female, I would not want them pictured on anyone's column. I don't care how many of your sycophants think you are wonderful. Anyone who shows pictures like you have is an insensitive lout just like you. Maybe someday when you are gone, somebody will show pictures like these of you to the world. See how your relatives like it. Between your years on Court-TV and FOX News and based on your poor behavior, I have taken a real dislike to you.
Pittsburgh, PA

E-mail No. 5

I have been friends with many judges. Ran a courthouse with nine judges in house. Will state without reservation they are human, good, bad, smart, dumb, friendly, unfriendly, etc. I guess humanity is their basis. Problem is not judges... but politics.
Tom Smith
Whiting, NJ

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