Look Who's Talking

You know what really bugs me about this anti-SUV ad campaign on the air? Not the message, but the messenger. Messengers, actually.

They're hypocrites. They're bashing these so-called gas guzzling vehicles for almost single-handedly sponsoring terrorism.

That alone is stupid -- as if some harried mom, carting four kids in a Ford Explorer through a Buffalo snowstorm is in cahoots with Usama bin Laden.

No, ignore that idiotic argument and focus on the idiot making it.

We had the guy who created the spots here the other day. He was a perfectly amiable chap. But guess what? He drives a Mercedes! And last time I checked, those are not exactly the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the planet.

What's more, the Hollywood crowd sponsoring it isn't exactly living the monk life!

These are the same guys who whisk back and forth to their various pep rallies in private jets -- which tend to burn a little more fuel than an Expedition.

And as my Pal Sean Hannity discovered, Arianna Huffington, the brains behind this misfit media venture, barks her orders for this "cause celeb" from her 9,000-square foot California mansion!


You're not going to see me offer you dietary advice. So I don't want to see these guys offering me frugality advice.

They are lame, they are stupid and what's more, they are arrogant.

Let me tell you something. I put a lot more stock in that mom and dad, trying to get their kids to that hockey game in a Jeep Cherokee than the Hollywood misfit, flying in from Beverly Hills on his private jet to make a speech about it.

The family in that Jeep is just trying to have a life. The folks judging them need to get one.

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