Local Ga. Baseball Team Hosts Eliot Spitzer Night, Invites Spitzer to Throw 1st Pitch

Disgraced New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is on his way out of the governor's mansion, but he already has been offered a gig with a minor league baseball team.

The Macon Music team in Macon, Ga., announced it will host "Eliot Spitzer Night" on June 13, and it claims it has invited Spitzer himself to come on down and throw out the first pitch.

The team has apparently thought this through.

On its Web site, the Macon Music — part of the independent South Coast League — is offering a slate of minor league gimmicks tailored to the latest headlines out of New York. Spitzer announced his resignation Wednesday amid accusations that he paid for the services of a high-priced call girl in Washington, D.C.

Among the highlights on Eliot Spitzer Night:

"Client #9 (or fan #9) will receive a free Music prize pack," the team says on its Web site.

"Any fan with the name Eliot, Spitzer, or 'Kristen' along with any fan from New York will receive $1 off admission." Kristen is how the call girl is identified in investigative documents.

"ATMs will be available for cash withdrawals not to exceed $5,000 per hour," the team says.

The team also announced it will give away a New York vacation, including a one-night stay at the Mayflower Hotel — though the hotel linked to Spitzer's alleged trysts actually is in Washington, D.C.

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