Britney Spear's (search) marriage... if it's not worth her time, it's not worth mine.

Michael Jackson (search) being taken over by the Nation of Islam (search)... why not? They may find he takes over them. (I wouldn't underestimate Jackson. Look at what he's done to himself. That takes a lot of strength and stamina.)

Pete Rose (search)... OK, he admits to betting on the game. He's out of baseball, which he should be, but he wants back in. Who cares if he's in or out other than him? Sorry, Pete. We've moved on. We're worried about Barry Bonds (search) and his alleged steroids.

Hillary Clinton's (search) joke about Gandhi (search)... it wasn't funny, but nobody's going to jump her much because she just made a bad joke. Nobody really thinks she thinks all Indians who come to America run gas stations on the parkway. Besides, she's a democrat so she gets a pass.

Me... I got bucked off my horse and literally broke my butt, but that's not a terribly consequential story either, just like all the others.

What's important is Howard Dean (search). He's very likely to be the Democratic nominee for president. It's at least theoretically possible he could win, and he doesn't think it's important that we captured Saddam Hussein (search)... nor did he think the Iraq war was the right thing to do.

Now, that's important. I know we talk about it a little, but it's so important that Spears and Jackson and Rose deserve no time at all. None!

Listen to what Dean has to say. He could end up president if you're not careful.

That's My Word.

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