Lisa Marie Presley Confirms She's Pregnant, Blasts Media

Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant with her third child, but she's none too happy with the media for forcing her to confirm her condition by speculating about her weight gain.

"After being the target all week of slanderous and degrading stories, horribly manipulated pictures and articles in the media, I have had to show my cards and announce under the gun and under vicious personal attack that I am in fact pregnant," she writes on her MySpace page.

Presley's rep told People magazine that the 40-year-old singer and her husband, 46-year-old guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood, are "incredibly overjoyed" that Presley is due in the fall. But she's certainly not overjoyed about how the story broke.

"Once they got a glimpse of my expanding physique a few days ago, they have been like a pack of coyotes circling their prey whilst eerily howling with delight," she writes.

"They couldn't wait to find out if my weight gain was because I was just overeating, in which case It would be open season and they can do the old following in her fathers sad and unfortunate demise story again or less interesting for them and probably much to their dismay, I could just be pregnant and therefore have a legitimate reason for weight gain at which point they should probably wipe the saliva off of their fangs and put them back in their mouths or they may expose the black little souls that they are," she writes.

Presley does apologize a bit for her anger.

"Pardon my seething contemptuous tone but ladies, You KNOW if you were pregnant and you felt you were expanding uncontrollably by the moment as a result and the worldwide media started badgering and harassing you for it, plastering you everywhere in an unflattering light, you would be mortified as well," she writes.

Presley has two children, daughter Riley, 18, and son Benjamin, 15, with ex-husband Danny Keough.

After Keough and before she married Lockwood in January 2006, the singer was married to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.