In Fairfax County, Virginia, cops are arresting drunks.

Now this isn't a story on the face of things. Cops arrest drunks behind the wheel. Cops arrest drunks carousing around in quiet neighborhoods. Cops arrest drunks who beat and abuse spouses and children and pets.

But this non-story is a story because in Fairfax County, Virginia the cops are arresting drunks -- get this -- in bars.

That's right. They are going into bars and dragging people outside to determine if they are drunk. And if they are, wham-bam, it's into the slammer, Sam!

Now the question is: Why do the cops in Fairfax County, Virginia have so little to do that they are going to bars to find drunks?

Where else would you find drunks? Better yet, don't you want drunks in bars? They're nice and safe in there and not bothering anyone except other people who have voluntarily walked into a bar, where I might add, one generally expects to find drunks.

So this is a shooting fish in a barrel deal and for the life of me I can't figure out what they're up to. Is this the start of Fairfax County going dry?

They say they're on the lookout for people who have been over-served.

But is it illegal to be drunk? Behind a wheel, yes. Out on the street, yes. But in a bar?

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