Life's Too Short to Spend It Complaining

If you watch this show with any regularity, you've probably heard once or twice that I hate whiners — people who complain.

I figure there's lots in life to complain about. Who wants to hear it?

Actually, and I know this sounds goofy, but I think you can tell a lot about the caliber of a person by the number of nasty things out of his mouth: the more nasty, the less of a person.

I know — probably stupid. But that's just me.

Now, what's got me waxing profound here is bumping into a patient on the way out of the doctor's office today.

This patient's in a bad way. I mean, a very bad way.

Her multiple sclerosis has progressed to the point that this once amazing athlete is relegated to a walker and, even with it, struggles mightily to simply move.

Her eyesight is awful. Her once agile mind, dramatically slowed. And, to add insult to all that, I hear this: her husband just died.

Yet through it all this day, she smiles — a big smile.

When I clumsily offer my condolences, she stops me.

"Oh, he lived a wonderful life," she says. "And I have wonderful memories. I'm grateful for that."

She smiles and adds, "That's the secret, Neil: never forget the good stuff."

This, from a woman who's dealing with a lot of bad stuff.

Sadly, from this same doctor's office, I've met far too many people dealing with a lot of bad stuff: bodies going, minds going, hopes going. So many are bitter, many more angry.

But not her.

After all, this political junkie tells me, these are fascinating times. And Brit Hume's on tonight, who she dutifully watches with a cup of tea and a smile.

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