Life or Something Like It, Jason X  and The Rock in the marquee glow of the Foxlight.

What would you do with a week to live? I'd certainly consume a lot more pizza than Angelina Jolie does in Life or Something Like It. She's a sassy Seattle reporter with blonde ambition until a homeless man predicts her demise. She doesn't believe him at first, then some of his other predictions come true. Speaking of predictable, the commercials and trailers make this look like a puff, but it packs some punch. And the woman who played Lara Croft pulls off Julia Roberts style romantic comedy pretty well. And Ed Burns is playing the always challenging role of ... Ed Burns.

The other new release is Jason X or Jason 10 if you're counting. They ran out of plotlines in the present so they had to head to the year 2455. And guess what? Jason was frozen! Next Walt Disney? Anyway some archeologists wish they hadn't thawed him out. Audiences may feel the same way.

Bottom line? The Rock will rule once again this weekend. Maybe The Scorpion King could kill Jason. I'm not sure we'd go to that movie, but he'd have our undying gratitude.