Life Is Short, Go Long!

Nothing gets you on with living, than thinking of dying. Just ask Fred Thompson.

He's not dying. His now disclosed lymphoma is actually a very treatable, almost mild form of cancer. But it's still cancer and it's still scary.

Thing is, Thompson doesn't act scared. For the nearly three years he's had this, he hasn't much fussed about this and only made a big deal of it now because he's seriously entertaining running for president now.

Which seems kind of odd for a guy who has the "Big C," no matter if it's kind of a "Little C."

But that's Thompson: A man who works 14-hour days, juggling acting on TV, hosting on radio and writing on the Web.

Since his diagnosis, Thompson says he's been more focused on things that drive him and a family that loves him. It's what drives Elizabeth Edwards into thinking about things bigger than what's in her body. Or White House press secretary Tony Snow about odds more meaningful than survival numbers on a chart.

They could all no doubt tell you life may be fragile, but that doesn't mean your dreams and goals should be.

They are not defined by what ails them, but what drives them.

Oddly grateful for the experience.

Stopped in their tracks to stop and look at their lives.

Recognizing that life is short. So each has decided to go long.

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