I noticed it watching Barack Obama's big speech.

The big event. The big night. The big everything, and I'm thinking to myself.

He's here by chance. By chance.

Good chance. But just chance.

Think about it. Had John Kerry not picked him out of nowhere four years ago to speak at the Democratic convention, would he even be at this one?

Or Joe Biden. I wonder if this Georgia-Russia thing had never happened, whether old foreign policy guru Joe becoming running mate Joe would have ever happened.

Or even Alaska Governor Sarah Paylin. Would she be making history today had Hillary Clinton not been passed over about a week ago today?

I doubt it.

Life is like that.


Some rise to it, like Obama.

Some like Biden, with barely 9,000 presidential primary votes to his name, luck into it.

It's not good or bad. It just is.

As it always was.

When a talented young debater named Lincoln caught folks' attention in losing a Senate election, only to come back four years later and win a presidential one.

And had John Kennedy not gotten some buzz from almost getting the number two spot on the Democratic ticket in 1956, would he have won it all in 1960?

I doubt it.

I mean it could happen. But I think without these chances, it's harder to happen.

Such is life. Accidental paths. Unexpected turns.

Reminders all that before you seize the day... sometimes, sometimes, history just randomly seizes you.

And then it messes with you.

Just watching what you're going to do now that it has.

Hoping by chance you noticed.

And by chance, you will act.

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