When Barack Obama takes office in January, he will face an illegal alien situation that remains out of control and is becoming increasingly brutal.

On Long Island, New York, seven high school students are charged in the murder of a 37-year-old Ecuadorian man, who was here legally in this country, in a crime that was born out of hatred, pure and simple. According to authorities, these boys were looking for a Hispanic to terrorize, and they found Marcelo Lucero.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His dream has never been realized because that's not the way he was supposed to, you know, go back to his country. Now he's in a casket.


Also in caskets, two New York City women. Bessy Velasquez and Panayiota Demetriou were killed by an illegal alien who was allegedly driving drunk.

The man, 24-year old Daryush Omar, an Afghan citizen, apparently came to the USA illegally when he was just 6 years old. Federal authorities have been trying to deport him for 14 years, but because of the immigration chaos he is still here, despite a number of criminal beefs.

So three human beings are dead because of irresponsible conduct and a failed government.

The New York Times and Newsday, two liberal papers, have covered the Lucero murder extensively, as they should. It is a horrible crime, and seven young men may pay a steep price for being violently stupid. But The Times and Newsday have pretty much ignored the deaths of the two women.

This is a pattern in America. People killed by illegal aliens can expect little coverage from a media that wants amnesty for foreign nationals here illegally.

But in the end, it is the federal government that is truly responsible for the deaths and for the entire illegal alien problem.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that ICE has lost control of violent aliens in Harris County, and the result has been a frightening crime wave.

Again, the federal government is primarily in place to protect Americans, and every time we turn around we see failure in that role.

President-elect Obama has not been an immigration warrior. The issue has been dwarfed by the economic mess. But it is up to him, Barack Obama, to provide leadership on the issue, or many more people will wind up dead.

Zero tolerance for criminal illegal aliens. Zero tolerance for Americans whose hatred leads to violence. Period.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

The ordeal of Heather Pick is a heroic American story. The 38-year-old Columbus, Ohio, anchorwoman, seen here in her last TV appearance, valiantly fought breast cancer before succumbing to the disease on November 7. She's wearing a wig here because of chemo. She leaves a husband and two young daughters. Ms. Pick was a very brave person.

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HEATHER PICK, FORMER ANCHORWOMAN: I've been battling this disease for quite a while, and it's getting a little tougher and tougher. So I decided it's more important to take some time and try and re-energize myself at home and enjoy my family as well.


The late Heather Pick is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, I hope this is the last time I have to talk about William Ayers, but the hits just keep on coming. Apparently, he dedicated something to the assassin of Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan.


WILLIAM AYERS, FORMER WEATHER UNDERGROUND MEMBER: I think it was a stupid thing to single him out, but I also think that we have created a monster in the prisons. We ought to abolish prisons.


We ought to abolish prisons, of course. Pinhead doesn't even begin to cover that guy.

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