Lieberman's Defeat

How Senator Lieberman's defeat is bad news for you and your family. Stay with me on this one: Lieberman lost because Democrat voters in Connecticut have rejected the Iraq war and his support of it. So they cast their ballots for Ned Lamont, a man who has no idea what the Terror War is all about, judging by his public policy statements.

And a new poll says that Connecticut is not unique. Sixty percent of Americans now oppose the campaign in Iraq. And who can blame them? It's chaos over there. Muslims are killing each other and the new Iraqi government can't get organized.

The USA can only do so much. We can't force the Iraqis to stop murdering each other. We can kill some of the terrorists, but not all. If the Iraqi people will not stop the chaos themselves, we can't do it for them. The biggest problem here is that Iran is behind the sectarian violence, according to Stratfor and other astute analysts.

Iran now has the power to mobilize terror killers in Lebanon — Hezbollah — and in Iraq — the Mahdi army — and create mini-wars designed to wear down Israel and the USA. If America and Britain pull out of Iraq, Iran would then dominate the country and control Iraq's oil. That would dramatically increase Iran's power. Worldwide oil prices could double. Nuclear blackmail could be on the table.

I do not believe that Ned Lamont and his fellow travelers understand any of this. The far left continues to believe the USA is the root cause of the Terror War, and that Iran is not a major threat. The far left mantra goes, "Why shouldn't the Iranians have nukes? Israel has them."

"Talking Points" understands that geopolitical analysis is difficult, and that the Bush administration has not fully explained the grave danger we face from Iran. Joseph Lieberman and others do understand that danger and he did not sell out his country to pander to the anti-war vote. For that, Lieberman was defeated.

Now, I believe this is a chilling indication of what lies ahead in American politics. Iran's betting we Americans have no will to restrain their jihad, and judging from the Connecticut vote last night, they might be right.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you may know, 20-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan is in the gossip columns quite often, and I hope somebody is helping this young woman deal with her fame and fortune.

Now Ms. Lohan says she wants to emulate Marilyn Monroe and go to Iraq to entertain the troops as Miss Monroe did in the Korean War in 1954.

According to one report, Ms. Lohan says she is preparing for her Iraqi trip by learning to shoot with her bodyguard.

Ridiculous? If Lindsay Lohan is "packin'" in Baghdad, it will be.

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