Sen. Joe Lieberman (search) said Friday that a victory in Delaware would be enough to keep his Democratic presidential campaign going — even if he fails to win in any other states on Tuesday.

Delaware is one of seven states holding Democratic contests on Tuesday.

"Delaware, our First State, is first in my mind," the Connecticut senator said. "I intend to keep going. That will keep me going with some 'Joe-mentum."'

Lieberman, on his fourth trip to Delaware since last fall, visited a bowling alley in New Castle on Friday morning and talked with members of a senior bowling league. He was expected to campaign in the afternoon in Dover at Spence's Bazaar.

One vote Lieberman can count on is that of Alice Faulkner, a retired teacher. During a break from bowling, Faulkner said she likes Lieberman's positions, particularly on health care for senior citizens.

"I feel that Lieberman is really coming from the heart," she said. "He's not just a politician."

Like Lieberman, Faulkner remains optimistic about the candidate's chances.

"Just because he finished low in the polls one time doesn't mean it's going to happen again," she said.

Lieberman skipped the Iowa caucuses to focus on this week's New Hampshire primary, then finished fifth in the Granite State.

Sen. John Kerry (search) of Massachusetts is scheduled to appear Friday night at a union hall in New Castle and Al Sharpton (search) will campaign Saturday in northern Delaware.

In addition to Delaware, primaries will be held Tuesday in Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina. New Mexico and North Dakota will have caucuses.

At stake are a total of 269 delegates, more than 12 percent of the 2,162 needed to win the nomination. Delaware will select 15 delegates.