This morning I woke up to a story that the Bush administration is looking into delaying the election if there's a big terror attack.

The administration denies it, of course, and it doesn't even pass the laugh test after all the Electoral College (search) elections in the Constitution. There is a reason for this ridiculous story: it is liberal news media bias telling the American people that Bush and friends are trying to steal the election in their view... again.

Now, does anybody look at that obvious bias in news reporting? Not a chance. Instead, we get the liberal hatchet organization Moveon.org producing a cheesy little so-called documentary about FOX News Channel, given the cutesy title "Outfoxed."

It says that FOX is undermining American democratic values, misinforming the public by veering to the right.

First off, I'd like you to look over my show. Clinton administration folks wouldn't have anything to do if they weren't coming on my show nearly every day. We put libs on by the car load, and they get to say their peace.

Secondly, on a good night, Fox is watched by 2 percent of America. That makes us the biggest thing in cable by far but, give me a break.

The three network newscasts add up to 30 percent of America on any given night, and we know what their biases are; plus, the two major news weeklies, all the big national papers and National Public Radio.
You have America's major media dominated by the Left; 80-some percent of reporters are self-described liberals, and they're complaining because FOX lets you hear what the conservatives have to say while also presenting the liberal side.

The producers of this hit piece use some of FOX's internal memos on news direction to justify the claim of bias. They ignore memos that run
counter to their theory.

FOX has issued a challenge. If other major news organizations will release all their internal news direction memos, FNC will release all of its news direction memos.

Then the public can decide which news media is fair and which is not. We have confidence that we will come out just fine if that test is administered.

That's My Word.

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