In most alien invasion movies, the visitors are either ruthless creatures bent on our destruction or highly evolved beings here to save us from ourselves. Fareed Zakaria is both.

In Newsweek this week, the CNN talking head/madcap theorist has come down from planet Patchouli to inform humanity that radical Islam is here to stay.

More importantly, E.T. Fareed claims that we need to divorce extremist religion nut-bags from the violence they cause.

OK, Fareed: So instead of radical Islam divorcing itself from its own extreme acts of violence, we have to divorce the link in our minds — a psychological exercise that asks us to forget 9/11 or the idea that the Taliban had any role in it. An exercise, mind you, that defies logic while offering no help to the world whatsoever.

It's a novel strategy Zakara is pushing: It's called "Screw you." And it's directed at the poor folks who have to live with these fundamentalist bastards — something Fareed can deal with because his own kids will never get acid thrown in their faces by the Taliban. He lives here, after all. The girls who want an education in Afghanistan, though, don't have that luxury.

But at least Fareed is being honest. Basically, he's saying you can continue killing innocent Christians in Somalia, mutilate the faces of your girls in Afghanistan, hang homosexuals in Iran, just don't bother him while he's texting on 6th Avenue.

Now that's compassion!

And if you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler.

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