That Saddam Hussein is as slippery as a snake.

Last week, President Bush had him on the ropes with his U.N. speech... now the butcher of Baghdad is slipping free.

This is because our European allies will do anything — anything — to avoid picking up what few guns they have and going to war. Generally, that might be a good thing. All they did was make war for several centuries.

But now it's not a good thing. The U.S. Congress has to step up and show the world that this country is united behind the president and his plans for Iraq.

We understand that our enemies — the people who hate us — will act on that hate. They will use whatever weapons they can get their hands on. So why should we ignore their dangers at our peril?

And what about Saddam's dance?

It's more of the same, and it will go on for months and months unless the U.S. and the world demand an inspection that is as armed as possible, as intrusive as possible and as large as possible.

The inspections program should be called "Invasion Light" — a big armed force that is willing to call in air strikes on places Saddam says you cannot inspect.

The program should be well-armed so that inspectors can push their way in, and well staffed enough to allow for dozens and dozens and dozens of inspections of different sites on the same day.

Inspect by kicking the door in. That's the only way it will work.

That's My Word.

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