Let's Hear It for a No-Shots-Fired Iraq War

Let's hear it for the no-shots-fired war.

Sounds impossible, but if Saddam Hussein had any brain matter left in that noggin of his, he could beat feet, get out of Iraq, dodge a bullet and get a new plan.

There must be 50 ways for Hussein to go into exile. In effect, the crazed Iraqi elite republican guard would have nobody left for whom to throw down their lives. They could then turn over all those truck-mounted missiles loaded with germs, and Hans Blix would finally be able to say, "See! We have disarmed Hussein and the war is over".

I know that is an exceptionally long shot, but let me ask you: Can you think of any other way to try for that outcome other than lining up 300,000 U.S. soldiers locked-and-loaded and ready to go?

Ten years of whining by the U.N. didn't work. The occasional four days of bombing by the previous president didn't work. The laughable sanctions, during which Hussein was able to sell us billions in his own oil (and then turn around to spend that same money on weapons)... well, that really didn't work either.

As for the U.N., who can have confidence in this body now? It lets Hussein off the hook while embodying an entirely irrational anti-Americanism, as if America is the force of evil in the world that must be stopped.

If that's what the U.N. has become, it does belong in Paris where wallowing in nonsensical America-bashing is the national sport.

It would be convenient for France. Next time Germany invades, U.N.  diplomats can rush to the streets to defend Paris. Now there is news we'd like to see.

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