Let's Go Crazy

I think there are two types of people on this planet: rational people and crazy people.

Rational people try to analyze and not upset. Crazy people don't bother to analyze and are always upset.

Rational people do their best to avoid controversy. Crazy people live for controversy.

I think terrorists are crazy people and they love wreaking havoc on rational people.

I know that's not rocket science on my part. But when "irrational" crazy people do "irrational," crazy things, they count on a couple of things, including “rational" people — namely most of us — "not" doing irrational crazy things in response. Because they suspect that "rational" people just don't want to be bothered.

That's why they figure ram a few planes into our buildings and kill a few thousand of our people, and the "rational" response would be to lob a few missiles their way. Not go to war to obliterate them forever from our way.

Because rational people don't go crazy. Rational people don't say things like "evil." They look "irrational" when they do.

Which drives the people who are irrational into being even more irrational and into being what they already are: nuts.

Crazy people count on civilized people not turning into crazy people. Because civilized people tire of war and bloodshed. Civilized people have no stomach for that and when things hit the fan, civilized people usually hit the road.

Crazy people count on that.

Crazy people kidnap innocent people and threaten to behead those people unless their crazy demands are met. They figure not all rational people will cave but some just might. And maybe the more people crazy people behead, some just will. Because crazy people know rational people don't always stick together.

So they keep doing crazy things, hoping, praying rational people will crack. But they never count on rational people going crazy. They never count on us responding in kind.

I say, let's surprise them.

Sure it's crazy. But then again, so are they.

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