Let the Debate Begin!

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

What a Monday! Behind the scenes you don't realize this, but we read almost every e-mail you send our show — friends@foxnews.com — with the exception of spam stuff that is addressed to our show, Cavuto, O'Reilly, "Meet the Press" and your local dog catcher. When we see 20 names in the address line, we don't even bother reading it. One of the most frequent e-mails I get is from people asking me to mention their city in the weather. Obviously these are smaller communities that would love the publicity and I do give them shout outs when I can. However today, I mentioned on a guy in a town in Georgia would, "Give you Steve two dollars to mention" his city. So I did. Then I read the last line of his note, it said that his hometown was also the "Watermelon Capital of the United States."

That opened the floodgates!

We received 50 instant messages from different area codes and time zones that said that the town in Georgia was not the Watermelon Capital, but rather THEIR town was! Suddenly it became a matter of pride, people who'd grown up in their towns in Arkansas, Texas, Oregon, North Carolina and elsewhere wanted to make sure that they too got credit for being Watermelon Capitals. So I read each of the names on the air, so everybody knew that we truly are "Fair and balanced" when it comes to the news and all things fruits and vegetables-oriented.

Also, for those of you traveling to New York this summer, please make a trip to our studios at 48th and Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) and bang on our glass windows while we're talking. Also bring a cell phone so you can actually talk to loved ones back home as you stand behind us and wave. "Can you see me now?" the man on the phone asks his wife in Texas "Move to the left," she says, for perfect placement just over the shoulder of a United States senator.

We get plenty of e-mail from viewers who complain about the people in the windows, but you know what, we're proud of our viewers, and if they're going to visit, the least we can do is put them on television. Besides it's much cheaper than taking them out for a Broadway show.

Back to the topic of your summer visit to FOX News, try to make it on a Friday, because all summer we're having "FOX & Friends Friday Fan Day," when we give out stuff. Last week it was coffee, doughnuts and calendars. Who knows what it'll be this Friday. So please come early, stand in back of us, jump up and down and wave to your family.

And whatever you do, don't forget to wear your hometown T-shirt that says "Watermelon Capital of the U.S."

Have a great day, see you in the morning,

Steve Doocy

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