We understand it's hard to meet people, but really.

Two Delaware men were arrested for holding up a Domino's Pizza (search) delivery woman — after one of the men allegedly called her after the robbery to ask her out.

"It would make a perfect story for the television show, 'The World's Dumbest Criminals,'" New Castle County police spokesman Cpl. Trinidad Navarro told The News Journal of Wilmington.

The 18-year-old woman delivered three pizzas to a house in the Wilmington suburb of New Castle at around 11:20 p.m. last Wednesday, police said.

But the three men there refused to pay. They took her cash, as well as the pizzas, and let her go.

A little while later, having apparently thought it over, one of the men called her cell phone, apologized for the robbery — and asked if she'd like to meet him for a date.

She politely declined and the conversation ended. Then she called the police.

The cops traced the caller's number back to Brent Brown, 25, who was arrested Thursday after the pizza girl picked out his photo from a lineup.

A search of his home turned up the empty pizza boxes, along with the original Domino's receipt and Brown's friend Andre Moore, 18, who was also arrested.

Both were charged with second-degree robbery and conspiracy. An assumed 16-year-old accomplice remained at large.

Brown posted $5,000 bail and insisted on his innocence, saying he'd lent his cell phone to Moore and two other men.

"I'm innocent," he told The News Journal. "I work every day. I have no reason to rob the pizza lady."

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I'm Here for the Beer, Not the Pizza

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) — It will be the most expensive keg of beer he's ever had.

A 32-year-old man got himself locked up in a pizzeria late Wednesday to have free access to beer overnight.

When the restaurant's staff left, he broke into a cooling box containing a keg, disconnected the pipes leading to the tap, put them in his mouth and drank as much as he could.

The man, drunk and fast asleep, was found by cleaners in the early hours of Jan. 20.

Police spokesman Vit Cvrcek said he will now have to pay for the beer he drank and faces up to one year in prison or a fine of $346 for the damage he caused to the cooling box.

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One Large Pepperoni With an Arrest Warrant on Top

BUTTE, Mont. (AP) — Two men who tried to pay for a pizza delivery with a forged check were arrested following a sting operation involving an officer disguised as a Papa John's (search) employee. Police later ate the "evidence."

The Jan. 17 incident began with a pizza order that Papa John's employees recognized as going to an address where customers had paid with forged checks.

Manager Brian Holm called police, and officers came up with a plan to catch the crooks.

Officer Rhonda Peterson volunteered to wear a Papa John's uniform and ride with an employee on the delivery. Peterson brought her gun and radio and three officers provided backup while she approached the apartment, said Sgt. Jerry Williams.

The pizza delivery was 20 minutes late because of the police work and the customers even called asking what was taking so long.

Charles Pederson, 39, answered the door and was arrested after passing the forged check to police.

Officers also arrested Jesse Risher, 28, after he allegedly tried to hide in the apartment. Officers searched him, finding methamphetamine (search) and a pipe in his coat pocket, court records indicate.

Negative Restaurant Reviews Sprayed on Walls

NEW YORK (AP) — Say it, don't spray it.

Police arrested a man who allegedly found a messy way to complain about restaurants where he believed he had received poor service or been served bad food: graffiti.

Miguel Camacho, 29, was caught Jan. 18 after eluding police for six months, police said. He was suspected in more than 60 spray-painting incidents.

Camacho scrawled his trademark tag, "VAMP," on the outside of restaurants where he had negative experiences, said Lt. Thomas Conforti of the NYPD's 112th Precinct.

His targets included a pizzeria in Queens that Camacho said served bad pizza, and a Chinese take-out restaurant in Rego Park (search) where he believed he had been overcharged. He also vandalized mailboxes and lampposts, police said.

When shown photographs of his targets, Camacho asked for copies as souvenirs, Conforti said.

"We respectfully declined," Conforti said.

Semi-Wild Game Cooking School

THOMPSON, Ohio (AP) — A high school principal promises he's going to give the living skills curriculum an extreme makeover after a student skinned and cooked a Guinea pig (search) and a rabbit during class.

The student, a 16-year-old boy, told the principal, Beto Gage, that he killed the animals at home before bringing them to Ledgemont High School (search). Gage said living skills teacher Diana Stevens lets students prepare a meal of their choice on Wednesdays.

Students who didn't want to watch were allowed to go into another room, Gage said.

The student had asked Stevens if he could catch and cook a wild rabbit and she approved, provided he gut the carcass before class, Gage said. He said the student, whose name was not released, is an active hunter.

The animals, however, apparently were purchased at a pet store.

Geauga Humane Society (search) officials and the police said they received complaints from students and parents, and they are investigating the incident.

"Something irrational and wrong happened," said Geauga Humane Officer Sarah Westman.

Thompson is about 35 miles northeast of Cleveland.

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