It was less about the strange and more about the singing as American Idol stopped off in Salt Lake City.

The show hit up the home of David Archuletta Wednesday in hopes of finding the next American Idol. And from what we saw, they very well might have.

Take Megan Corkrey for example. The recently divorced 23-year-old mom has great story, a great personality, a killer voice and — unlike so many others before her — she’s ORIGINAL. Her tattoo sleeve might make mothers everywhere want to cry, but one look at her made-for-a-Huggies-commercial son and even they’ll jump on the bandwagon.

Megan shouldn’t get to confidant though, as Frankie Jordan is sure to give her some stiff competition. Not only was Frankie also a talented 23-year-old single mom (was there a memo we missed?), but thanks to her, no one will ever have to wonder what Amy Winehouse would have been like if she HAD gone to rehab. Considering Frankie could practically pass for a Winehouse clone — in look and in voice — and opted to sing a Winehouse song, I’m not so sure she’s as unique as the judges made her out to be. But I definitely look forward to seeing what else she can do.

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With all the talented women around, someone had to represent for the fellas in Salt Lake City, and who better to do that than David Osmond? Not only is he an Osmond but the guy’s basically a walking miracle, having comeback from being in a wheelchair due to his ongoing battle with M.S. And, he can sing!

What was strange about David’s audition though was the undeserved grief the judges gave him before putting him through. Simon basically called him ancient, Paula (yes, Paula) got on his case telling him he doesn’t seem like a frontman and Kara chimed in with, “When you do those runs it doesn’t really show us what kind of artist your are.” Pretty sure nearly everyone that’s made it on the show sang runs in there audition, including (ahem) Miss Kara herself when she decided to have a sing-off with the infamous bikini girl.

Maybe the judges just wanted to make sure David wasn’t planning on trying to sail through on his legacy. If his performance in Salt Lake was any indication, he won’t have to.

Chris Kirkham on the other hand tried just about every thing he could think of to make it through to Hollywood. Instead of bringing a lucky rabbit’s foot, Chris brought a man in a giant rabbit suit. Instead of showering Simon with praise, Chris showed up holding a popsicle stick fan and a t-shirt with his face on them. It’s too bad Chris just couldn’t really sing, but you have to be kind of sad they didn’t vote him through anyway. If this is what he came out with for his first audition just imagine what this kid would have done in Hollywood.

Unfortunately we won’t have to imagine what Austin Sisneros’ Hollywood experience would have been like, because somehow the deluded teen is headed there.

By the way this guy described his role as his senior class president he might think he’s the actual president. And by the way he practically brainwashed his way to Hollywood and claimed to “watch over everyone one” I’m voting him most likely to start a cult. It’s ok, though because Austin was auditioning to “inspire people everywhere to pursue their dreams.” Mission accomplished: We can all now dream that he’s in the next batch of rejects.

Of course, dreams or no dreams, Austin’s not the only one who should be worried right now. Even the best singers should start preparing for heartache as Hollywood looms near. Because without the strange, it’s about to get a lot easier to separate the singers from the stars.