Blaming TV or radio hosts for the nutjob who killed three Pittsburgh police officers over the weekend is like blaming a flight attendant after a terrorist takes down a plane. In other words: Giving passengers a safety talk to prepare them for a worst-case scenario doesn't mean you are responsible should a terrorist make that worst-case scenario happen.

One person is providing important information. The other is a nutjob who would've acted no matter what.

Before any facts came out on the Pittsburgh shooting, left-wing blogs like Daily Kos, Media Matters and The Atlantic decided that this maniac was worried that President Obama was going to take away his guns — therefore, conservative talk shows were to blame.

Wait — what?

Bloggers rushed to paint this killer as a conservative — presumably one who was clinging to his guns and religion. But the truth is that this guy in Pittsburgh was about as much of a conservative as Stalin was cuddly. He's a neo-Nazi, a white supremacist and, more importantly, he's a premeditated killer… (allegedly, of course).

That's why I'm not even going to waste time addressing the people who lump everyone who questions Obama's policies into the same hate group. So let me talk to the rational people instead: you.

Civil unrest, for any number of reasons, is coming. You must help your neighbors when you can, report them if you must and tell them there are three types of revolutions: the American kind, which was basically 13 years of anarchy; the French kind, which ended in guillotines, prison and rivers of blood; and the civil kind; a kind of revolution that gets results by using the weapons of democracy, like civil disobedience; the kind practiced by people like Martin Luther King and Gandhi.

That is the type of revolution that fed-up Americans should be embracing. But understand that nutjobs never will; they're just looking to kill.

Left-wing bloggers seem to want to blame everyone for a crime except the actual criminal, but that's because they don't understand that our Constitution is a lot more than just the Bill of Rights; there's also an implied "Bill of Responsibilities."

Yes, you have the right to free speech, but you have the responsibility to warn about fire in a crowded theater only if there actually is smoke.

Yes, you have the right to bear arms, but you have the responsibility not to use those arms to take away the rights of others.

Responsible gun owners are no more of a threat than someone who responsibly exercises their right to freedom of religion. Sure, religion can be used to justify horrific acts, but it's still the criminal or terrorist who is responsible for them. Isn't that what the left is always saying about Islam?

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Let me be as clear as I possibly can: Shooting cops — or anyone else — does not make you a patriot or a defender of the Republic; it makes you a traitor and an enemy of it.

Our forefathers fought a bloody, violent war so that we would be able to put down muskets and bayonets for weapons with far more power, weapons like free and fair elections, term limits and, yes, civil disobedience.

Maybe it's about time we start using them.

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