Left Out on the Left Coast

I guess if you live long enough, you'll see everything. Some Hollywood types are complaining that they are being blacklisted. Yes, the "Land of the Left" feels left out, and all because of the war in Iraq.

Now, most of them opposed it. Even as most Americans supported it. And now some of these actors and actresses say they're suffering because of it.

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins were officially uninvited from an anniversary screening of the film Bull Durham. The president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame didn't fudge as to why -- it was their anti-war views. And now they're aghast. How could this happen?

It isn't fun, is it? To be taken out for speaking out.

But much of the Hollywood elite had no problem ostracizing right-leaning actors and actresses, thought out of step with this Left Coast bastion.

I remember Charlton Heston saying how his conservative views probably cost him a key role or two -- not to mention more than a few Hollywood party invites.

These Tinsel Town tarts and toads had no problem shoving off some conservative boob to the sidelines, but god forbid it should happen to them.

Now Martin Sheen wonders aloud whether his liberal biases are costing his fictitious president Bartlett at the Nielsen rating polls. No, maybe they're just tired of you!

It's a weird feeling being out of sync with the country, isn't it? It's strange when your fans aren't so adoring, or fans at all, is it? And it's not fun being not so cool anymore, is it?

You didn't seem to mind when it happened to other actors and actresses. Not a peep out of you when conservatives were dismissed, or the few Republicans among you were chastised.

Back then, it was cool to be cruel.

What's that they say? Payback is a bitch. Or was that just a line... from a movie?

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