Left Cheers Terrorists' Victories

The victory dances on the left are veering into hyperventilation, which almost always induces dizziness.

I'm talking about the reaction from lefties to the Supreme Court ruling on the Gitmo detainee Hamdan.

One of the comments on the far left Daily Kos, in which writers purported to analyze the Supreme Court's decision — fair and balanced of course — one writer actually said:

"Per today's decision, the administration appears to have been engaged in war crimes, which are subject to the death penalty."

Wow. They're excited over there on the far left. The Supreme Court has evidently imposed the death penalty on George W. Bush. That is news. Why didn't I notice that earlier? We could have led the show with it.

There was more. Another writer commented:

"The president and his appointees in the executive branch must comply with the Geneva Conventions or face prosecution."

Now that's an improvement of sorts. This particular juror in the left vs. George W. Bush didn't call for execution, but he or she did think vigorous prosecution, and one supposes the imposition of a long prison term, are just the thing needed for this administration.

That caused another writer to dissent:

"Though I don't support the death penalty, I would like to see Bush, Cheney and Rummy working the license plate assembly line for, say, 100 years or so."

These are people who evidently would think it is a victory and a cause for celebration if several hundred terrorists walk free. Their hatred for George W. Bush is so strong they seem to actually wish for these terrorists to be returned to their wartime activities in order to be made whole after the degradation and abuse of Gitmo.

If the Gitmo detainees were to return to the U.S. piloting another hijacked plane headed for the new tower on 8th Avenue that houses The New York Times, they might try to wave the terrorists off to another building, but otherwise we deserve it. So come on, jihadis, work your magic.

Once again the lefties are seen cheering terrorists' victories and seem to be pulling for the wrong side. How else is one supposed to interpret jubilation that Gitmo detainees might be released because there is not enough evidence for trial, or the evidence was gained by intelligence methods that cannot be exposed?

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