Last Minute Campaign Advice

Here's my suggestion for either candidate, come Tuesday: Even if it's close — very close — the losing candidate should lose, period. He should gracefully step aside.

This goes for President Bush (search) and the same for Senator Kerry (search): If you're on the shorter end of the electoral stick, stick up and stand down.

Tell your lawyers where they can file their briefs.

Tell your staffs to quit stewing.

We can't afford another 30-plus day legal fiasco like last time.

So, "this" time, no matter how close, just close it and be done with it.

For all I know, it could be a case of one guy winning the popular vote, the other the Electoral College. But it's the Electoral College (search) that decides it.

If it goes to Kerry, the president should congratulate him.

If it goes to the president, Kerry should wish him well.

Just don't wish us all ill by going on and on and on about.

Tuesday, may the best man win. And Wednesday morning, may the better loser simply walk off the stage.

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