Lara Croft , Seabiscuit and Spy Kids 3-D

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Angelina Jolie, Tobey Maguire and kids running at you on and off screen in the weekend movie glare of The Foxlight.

OK, she likes to kiss her brother, she's not getting back with Billy Bob Thornton and she swings from both sides of joystick. Video game turned Jane Bond -- Lara Croft -- is back in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Everything is bigger except her breasts. Jolie insisted on no superhero expansion for her chest. She wants to make the character more real. While swinging upside down from a cliff? Anyway, critics are mostly happy. And the Box Office Guru predicts a $26 million weekend for her

Next, the film one sports writer calls "Hooisers With Horseshoes." It's the real life tale of a jocky and a horse called Seabiscuit. What is a seabiscuit? I guess it sounded better than 'Oyster Cracker.' Anyway, some see this as the first real contender in another kind of race -- Oscar. Others claim it won't go that distance but is an important film in an otherwise fully blown and blown up summer. Guru says this one will only place this weekend with $12 million.

Finally, note to Hollywood. When you make a movie critics hate, don't put "Game Over" in the title. The Spy Kids are back, and in an effort to add some kind of dimension to the third chapter, it's in 3-D. That's right, the glasses, the whole bit. Spy Kids 3-D Game Over should finish in the money with about $19 million.