Lady Gaga Has Been Clubbing Since Childhood | Kathy Hilton’s Dating Advice For Paris: Stay Single! | Amy Winehouse Answers Door … Topless | Old Lady In Lingerie: Heidi Klum’s Lifetime Plan With Victoria’s Secret | Sneak Peek: Barbie’s 50th Birthday Bash

Lady Gaga Has Been Clubbing Since Childhood

Lady GaGa is only 22 years old, but it turns out the just-legal young lady has actually been hitting and hustling inside New York hotspots (with her mama) since well before she was even allowed to drive.

"I’ve been playing out in clubs since I was in high school, since I was fifteen my mum used to take me [because] I was too young to get in. My mum was super cool. She'd help me sign up and perform and then when I got to college I started gigging, I would ride my bike around or walk to different clubs in New York on the Lower East Side and in the East Village," the "Poker Face" phenomenon recently told Tarts. "You’ve got to play clubs, you’ve got to do amazing, you've got to fail, you’ve got to get standing ovations and need to be booed off the stage." Ouch.

But unlike most young celebs who profess not to be fans of gossip gurus, GaGa actually admitted she was star struck by the self-professed Queen of all Media.

"I was playing at Perez Hilton's bash so I invited my girlfriends to come, they were so excited," she added. "It was for Perez Hilton, he’s a big celebrity."

Kathy Hilton’s Dating Advice For Paris: Stay Single!

Let’s be honest — Paris Hilton is rarely ever without a beau by her side, but it seems the socialite still hasn’t had much luck-in-love. Now even mama Kathy wants her eldest daughter to like, stay single — for at least a minute or two.

"My dating advice for Paris would be just to take your time," Kathy told Tarts at the recent Montblanc party in Hollywood. "It is okay to be alone; you don’t have to always be with someone."

But are things between Paris and The Hills star Doug Reinhardt really getting serious? The party princess took her latest squeeze home to meet the parents (Kathy thought he was "very nice") but it looks like it’s going to be a long time before she becomes mother-of-the-bride even for Nicky and her longtime lover Dave Katzenberg.

"Oh no, she is only 25! They are happy and a cute couple, they’re so grounded," Kathy said. "But it’s too soon for kids as well; I don’t want to be called grandma for a while."

And even though the attractive 49-year-old is quite set in life having married into the Hilton Empire, she wants to give Nadya Suleman a helping hand.

"We spread ours out, so good luck! I love babies, ill help baby-sit!" Kathy exclaimed.

Amy Winehouse Answers Door… Topless

Not too many ladies would answer the door to a stranger without at least some form of cotton covering over the top half — but Amy Winehouse is the obvious exception.

The embattled British singer was pap-snapped on Tuesday wandering around in just her bikini bottoms and even when delivery personnel came to the doorstep with a tanning bed that she had ordered, Winehouse made no attempt to cover up. Charming.

Old Lady In Lingerie: Heidi Klum’s Lifetime Plan With Victoria’s Secret

As the third highest paid supermodel in the world according to Forbes Magazine, it is no wonder Heidi Klum wants to wear her Victoria’s Secret Angel wings and roam the runway in next-to-nothing even when she’s wrinkly and old.

"I’ll be 80 in crutches at the VS Fashion Show hopping down the runway, groaning for my grandkids to help me down," a smiling Klum vowed to Tarts on Tuesday morning as she launched the latest masterpiece from the underwear empire - a bra entitled "The Perfect One" in Los Angeles. And oddly enough, this one isn’t necessarily designed to turn the heat on …

"The Perfect One is not about getting lots of cleavage or boosting, it is for the everyday when you just want something seamless and comfortable but still gives you the perfect shape," she said.

Speaking of the perfect shape, as a mother-of-three, the 35-year-old sported a flawless figure in a tight dress designed by her pal Victoria Beckham, although she assured us that there have been no bodily benefits to having babies.

"The only advantage after having children is having a bigger smile on my face," Klum added. "But as far as my body goes, there was definitely more disadvantages. I really have to eat better and work out more now."

And even though Klum told us that only the leggy lingerie Angels have actually met this mysterious "Victoria" and she couldn’t reveal the Secret, she did tell us her own personal secret to feeling fabulous. …

"In the past I’ve made mistakes like wearing a sexy dress with granny pants underneath or bloomers with my tight jeans instead of a g-string," Klum said. "So I’ve learned feeling sexy is like an onion. … the layering, not the scent." Phew.

Sneak Peak: Barbie’s 50th Birthday Bash

Speaking of Klum, Pop Tarts has been tipped off that blonde beauty may very well make her way to Malibu next Monday to celebrate the Birthday of another perfect blonde beauty — Barbie. After a hectic week at New York Fashion Week, the plastic princess will host a star-studded 50th Birthday bash at her beachside Dream House with Hollywood’s hottest.

According to our insiders, Barbie’s pink party will be decorated by famed "Happy Chic" interior designer Jonathan Adler with features such as skirted, corseted, lace-up "dress" chairs, a chandelier made of Barbie hair, a closet filled with thousands of shoes and a garage filled with a real Barbie VW New Beetle (with a motorized, pop up vanity in the trunk ofcourse) and basically bring to life all the fantasy and fashion that we love about Mattel’s divine little doll.