Ladies Who Launch: Top 10 Reasons Why Dating an Entrepreneur Rocks

As ladies who launch, we naturally lead exciting, exhilarating, and sometimes exhausting lives. We take pride in our business savvy, professional and personal resilience, and ability to multitask on a daily basis (as well we should!). And yet as an infopreneurial coach, I often hear from single launching ladies that the dating world doesn’t exactly celebrate their choices.

While men who run their own businesses are considered a catch, independent businesswomen often struggle to find suitable relationship candidates. And when they do, these women sometimes feel the need to apologize for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The truth is, not only should we NOT apologize for going out on our own, but we should celebrate our efforts and expect that the right guy will celebrate along with us. In the spirit of finding fabulous dating lives that match our kick-butt careers, the following are 10 reasons why dating a female entrepreneur rocks:

1. We’re not waiting to be rescued. Rather than wait for some guy to come along before we have a home of our own, pay down debt, and plan for the future, as female entrepreneurs we’re actively living our dream lives on a daily basis. We don’t expect the guy in our life to take care of us. We’re just looking for someone who can enjoy the amazing journey with us.

2. We know what we want and aren’t afraid to go after it. What’s sexier than a woman who has goals, ambition, and actively goes after what she wants? Nothing! And the right guy will dig the fact that you not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

3. We like our careers (translation: we’re happier than the average 9-to-5?er). As launching ladies, our businesses most likely started with a personal passion. Even on the most difficult business day, we love what we do. That better equips us to be healthy and happy individuals, and healthy and happy individuals make for fantastic partners.

4. We don’t sweat the small stuff. Female entrepreneurs deal with challenges, obstacles, and setbacks on a daily basis. If there’s one thing we’ve learned along the way, it’s to not sweat the small stuff. That goes for relationships, too. We’re able to see the big picture; we do our best to let go of the insignificant and otherwise petty arguments that can bog down relationships.

5. We keep life interesting (and fun!). A day in the life of a launching lady is never dull. That goes for time in and out of the office, including our dating lives. We know great restaurants, where to go to hear amazing live music, and we aren’t afraid to take a dating risk. What modern man wouldn’t want a woman who’s smart, fun, and keeps life interesting?

6. We inspire by example. Even if your guy is not an entrepreneur, spending time with you will most likely inspire him to live life to the fullest. Whether that means he takes new and exciting risks in his current job, ditches corporate life to do his own thing, or decides to pursue a new, non-career-related endeavor, if he’s dating you, he’s definitely getting inspired!

7. We know what it takes to be a great partner. In our daily business lives, we deal with a multitude of people, all with different agendas. From vendors to clients to salespeople, we’ve become quite adept at managing and working with a variety of personalities. We know how and when to stand up for ourselves as well as how and when to compromise. It’s these qualities that better equip to us to deal with the ups and downs of dating life.

8. We’re effective communicators. Women entrepreneurs spend a good deal of time on the phone, on e-mail, and dealing with people face to face on a daily basis. We know that it’s important to our business to communicate effectively. When it comes to our dating lives, we’re equally adept at communicating our wants, needs, and desires. The right guy will thank you for not sending him mixed messages.

9. We make time for what’s important in our lives (including our partner). As entrepreneurs, we’ve mastered the art of multitasking. In addition to running a business, we manage an active social life, regular trips to the gym, time to network, and more. When there’s a man in our life, we make time for him, too.

10. We can actually help our partner’s career. Being a successful business owner can actually be an asset to our potential partner’s career. We know the right people, are savvy at making deals, and have mastered the art of being charming without being cheesy (perfect for meeting the parents and the boss!). Not only that, but we’re excellent listeners, can offer advice when asked, and love supporting other people’s dreams, including our partner’s. What guy wouldn’t want a woman by his side who could enhance both his personal and professional life?

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Lisa Steadman, a.k.a. The Relationship Journalist, is a member of the Los Angeles Incubator and is a relationship expert and infopreneurial coach.

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