As hard as it is to believe, the Nissan Cube is just an ordinary car. Just an ordinary, asymmetrical car.

Aside from its cubic shape, and the rounded squares and rectangles that make up the windows, the compact’s signature feature is a stretch of wraparound glass from the rear to the right side, but not the left. The effect is unique, but since there are still a couple of structural pillars hiding underneath it, it’s less of a boon to passengers than it is a head turner for those outside.

You won’t be bothered by it, though, because you can relax in one of the most bizarre interiors on the market. Nissan likens it to a hot tub, with a high, curving dashboard and door panels, and styling elements that look like ripples of water, including the speaker grilles and the entire ceiling.

Nissan is using the song “it’s hip to be square” to promote the car. It would’ve been much cooler if they hadn’t done that.

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