L.A. Man Gets 1 to 3 Years in 'Bum Bashing' Case

A Superior Court judge sentenced an Inglewood man to three years in prison for his role in the beating of two homeless men after he and a friend watched a "Bumfights" DVD.

William Alexander Orantes, 20, pleaded guilty Wednesday to an assault charge in connection with the Aug. 16, 2005 attack on Ernest Adams. In the plea deal, prosecutors dropped a more serious attempted murder charge and a separate assault charge for the second victim, Gerald McHenry.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Lebovich said Orantes did not strike either victim but drove his friend Justin Edward Brumfield, 20, to the attacks.

Brumfield was convicted in July of two assault charges and faces up to 11 years in state prison. His sentencing is scheduled for the end of October.

The beating left Adams in a coma for 21 days and blinded his left eye. McHenry, attacked while asleep, suffered from a swollen arm.

Brumfield's attorney, Maynard Davis, argued his client was lashing out after learning his biological mother was a homeless crack addict.

Davis said the "Bumfights" DVD, which features homeless men paid to fight each other, also contributed to the way the attacks occurred.