Australian pop star Kylie Minogue offered a message of hope to cancer patients, speaking for the first time about her breast cancer treatment in an interview with Sky One to be broadcast on Sunday.

The 38-year-old singer was close to tears during much of the interview in which she said the diagnosis was "like a bomb has dropped."

"I love to say: you can get through it," she said. "You can,"

The singer told Sky One's Cat Deeley there were days she was unable to leave her bed.

"I don't want to go into the doom and gloom of it. It's hard," she said.

Minogue said she had one day between her diagnosis in May 2005 and the operation on her breast.

"I had one day's grace where I knew and went for a walk down to the beach with my brother and my boyfriend," she said.

"The next day we made an announcement, and then I was virtually a prisoner in the house which, not that I intended to go anywhere, but from then on I was just completely thrown into another world."

British media reported she is now in remission.

The singer said the moment she learned she had cancer "is still sinking in."

"It's a very steep learning curve," she said.

Minogue was troubled with how the news would affect her parents, who were upset when she decided to undergo chemotherapy treatment in Paris to be near her boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

"The family's totally ... it's like a bomb has dropped," she said.