A Republican lawmaker says it was inappropriate for a GOP office to display a bumper sticker declaring: "Kerry is bin Laden's Man. Bush is Mine."

Kentucky Rep. Anne Northup (search) said she found out about the stickers over the weekend and doesn't want any more distributed. "What campaigns need to center on, debates need to center on and the party needs to focus on are ideas," she said.

Jefferson County GOP chairman Jack Richardson IV (search) said the stickers were so popular that GOP headquarters ran out Friday. He won't distribute more, but is trying to locate their source for those who want them. "I believe in the question this bumper sticker raises," Richardson said.

Bill Garmer, chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, said the sticker equates a decorated Vietnam veteran with Usama bin Laden (search) — "one of the greatest enemies of the United States."

"It goes way over the line," he said.

A spokesman for the Kerry campaign previously called on GOP lawmakers to condemn the sticker, saying it was a "hateful and mean-spirited smear campaign."